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Executive Director/President
Daniel Nackerman

Executive Director, Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (HASLC)

President, Housing Assistance Management Enterprise (HAME)

President, Housing Development Corporation (HDC)

Daniel Nackerman has advanced in a career that effectively touches the lives of seniors, low-income families, those who were homeless, and those who were often left behind.

Dan Nackerman has been in leadership positions in housing development and housing program management for over 30 years. He started in architecture, urban planning and project management for the Princeton Group in San Francisco for 8 years developing luxury apartments and renovating historic buildings utilizing tax credits. Mr. Nackerman then held senior positions at 6 progressive housing authorities over the past 26 years including Deputy Director, Executive Director or CEO positions in Richmond, CA; Contra Costa County, CA; Marin County, CA; and San Bernardino County, CA – as well as a senior management position at Oakland, CA.

At these agencies, Daniel gained extensive experience in affordable housing financing and development which includes at least 38 successful projects. He launched parallel programs in education, health, and employment. One consistent trait has been to launch new initiatives locally such as the “No Child Left Unsheltered” effort in San Bernardino County, California for homeless families and “The Phoenix Project” for young men involved in crime in Marin City, California.

Dan is a leader on several national Boards and has been recognized in the housing and social work “industries” many times. Mr. Nackerman holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and has completed specialized training in several areas of housing management, project management, social work and construction.

In mid-2016 Dan took the present positions at HAME as President and at the Housing Authority of the City of Salt Lake (HASLC) as Executive Director. Nackerman is leading that agency of 115 employees managing approximately 3,500 multi-family homes through programs or directly. The agency houses approximately 10,000 Salt Lake valley citizens, most of whom are seniors, children or persons with disabilities. HASLC is a particular leader in housing seniors, veterans and homeless when compared to the other 3,500 Housing Authorities in the U.S.