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The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (HASLC) has joined with The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake (HACSL) to provide a combined on-line application website.

Am I Eligible? (Read more by Clicking Here)

Housing eligibility varies by Public Housing or Section 8/leased housing programs, HASLC staff evaluate each individual application and make an eligibility decision. Here are some general guidelines that HASLC uses to assess your eligibility.

  • Income limits: Check the most current income limits, and will verify the applicants current gross income.
  • Background screening: Background checks are run for criminal history and reviewed on a case by case basis. Claimed priority and/or preferences will be verified by a third party. Public Housing requires review of eviction records, ability to pay rent on time and maintain a clean and healthy home. This will be verified by current and previous landlord references.
  • Family composition: Households are assigned a specific number of bedrooms based on family size, usually 1-2 people per bedroom.
  • Identification: All adult household members must have a valid photo ID.
  • Social Security number/citizenship: Each household member must have a Social Security number or certify that he/she has no number. At least one household member is also required to document that he/she is a U.S. citizen or has eligible non-citizen status.
  • Elderly/Disabled Housing: The head or co-head of the household must be 62 years old or disabled as defined by law.

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (HASLC) has joined with The Housing Authority of the County of?Salt Lake (HACSL) to provide a combined on-line application website.

To apply for?available programs for both housing authorities, please visit: ?


HASLC Programs & Waiting List Status

Housing Program

Waiting List

?Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) ?Open
?Moderate Rehabilitation (studio to 1 bedroom) ?Open
?Palmer Court-Project-based Voucher (studio to 1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Sunrise Metro Project-based Voucher (studio to 1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Wendell (studio) ?Open
?Taylor Springs Project-based Voucher, 62 years ?old and older (1 bedroom) ?Open
?Multi-Family Jefferson Circle (2 bedroom) ?Closed
?City Plaza: ?mixed elderly & disabled (1 bedroom) ?Open
?Phillips Plaza: mixed elderly & disabled ?Open
?Romney Plaza: mixed elderly & disabled (1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Rendon Terrace: 62 years old and older (1 ?bedroom) ?Open?

All applicants currently on waiting lists will be processed according to HASLC policies and procedures.? Applicants are placed on the waiting lists by the date and time the application was received by HASLC.

**If you have previously applied for housing and wish to update your contact information, the request must be in writing** –? Waiting List Status Update Form
It is important for all HASLC applicants to keep their address updated, and to respond to any notices sent.

For questions regarding the waiting list or for specific program information contact our Eligibility department at 801-428-5090 or 801-428-5091.

Additional Requirements for Special Programs

City Plaza, Phillips Plaza and Romney Plaza: ?Open to those applicants 50 years old and older as well as all applicants who are disabled.

Sunrise Metro, Palmer Court and Wendell Apartments: These programs are project-based vouchers. To qualify, you must be disabled and chronically homeless. Claimed priority/preference will be verified at the time the application reaches the top of the waiting list.

Reasonable Accommodations

Please visit our?Reasonable Accommodations?page for more information.




HASLC does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.

Below are some helpful flyers:
Fair Housing Law
Fair Housing Law – Spanish
Fair Housing – Veterans

LGBT Equal Access to HUD Programs
Five Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Housing Rights

If you suspect Abuse or Fraud of the Housing Program, please fill out the following form: ??Report of Abuse or Fraud of Housing Programs