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Waiting List
The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City is committed to our Mission:
To provide affordable housing opportunities for our community.
It is important that you notify the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City in writing if you have a change in your address or phone number while on the waiting list. ?**Waiting List Status Update Form**


HASLC Programs & Waiting List Status

Housing Program

Waiting List

?Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) ?Open
?Moderate Rehabilitation (studio to 1 bedroom) ?Open
?Palmer Court-Project-based Voucher (studio to 1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Sunrise Metro Project-based Voucher (studio to 1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Wendell Project-based Voucher?(studio) ?Open
?Taylor Springs Project-based Voucher, 62 years ?old and older (1 bedroom) ?Open
?Multi-Family Jefferson Circle (2 bedroom) ?Closed
?City Plaza: ?mixed elderly & disabled (1 bedroom) ?Open
?Phillips Plaza: mixed elderly & disabled ?Open
?Romney Plaza: mixed elderly & disabled (1 ?bedroom) ?Open
?Rendon Terrace: 62 years old and older (1 ?bedroom) ?Open?